MC’s – August 3rd – *Opening Night*

Day 1 – The MC

The culture of Hip Hop is based on Four Elements : Emceeing, Breaking, DeeJaying and Graffiti. Our HHFF 2016 opening night is all about the Emcee as we present our festival goers with stories and movies by about and from EmCees from all over the world.


BLOCK 1 : 4:00 pm – 6:00pm

Background Music (Ian Randolph) – A docu-comedy that chronicles a rap hype man’s path into legend.  The story follows his success and struggles within the music industry – a story that has never ben told before.. until now.

Black (Nadia Burgess) – A film about the love and admiration South Koreans have for Hip Hop music and trends, while following 2 underground Korean rappers.

The World Has No Eyedea (Brandon Crowson) – A feature length documentary about the life and and death of Michael (Eyedea) Larsen, one of the most gifted underground hip hop artists of our time.  The documentary tells his epic life story while exploring the many rumors around his mysterious death and untimely demise.

BLOCK 2 : 7:00 pm – 8:30pm

Snuffalafaghost (Artie Brennan) – A comedy film portrayed as a documentary. This short film takes you on a tour of the early years of hip hop through the eyes of SnuffalafaGhost, Hip Hop’s first stylist. From Run DMC to Kris Kross he dressed everyone who was anyone. changing landscape of Northern Ireland. The world famous murals and political slogans that have taunted its communities for over 40 years are being slowly transformed by a graffiti revolution.

Keep Pushing (Timour Gregory) – Bronx teenager Billy enlists in the Army on the brink of the first Gulf War. but journalist Taye convinces him to follow his dream of becoming a rapper.  Stars Jadon Woodard, Harry Lennix (Batman vs Superman), Brandon Young (The Wire) and rapper Pharoahe Monch.

Maono Ya MC Kah : African Hip Hop, African Struggle (Robby Bresson) –  A first person account by Mc Kah (Samuel Kangethe Ngigi ) on the rise and influence of Hip Hop culture in Nairobi Kenya from early 1990’s to date. When MC KAH used the last of his savings to open “The MAONO Recording Studios” things drastically went from bad to worse. The very youth and people he had supported were instrumental in the down fall and eventually the closure of “THE MAONO CULTURAL CENTER”.

BLOCK 3 : 9:00 pm – 10:30pm

Big L (Jewlz the Director) *WORLD PREMIERE* – The long awaited feature documentary from Danger Zone Films, BIG L – Street Struck takes a look at the rise and fall of one of the biggest talents to bless a microphone.  Big L’s talent was revered and recognized by the greatest rappers in the industry. Curated by his best friend, Jewlz the director, this documentary takes an intimate look at the life of the slain emcee, from those who knew him and those that loved him.




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